Welcome to our shop! Kotobuki Golf is a golf shop of the maximum scale in Japan. We also have a duty-free shop (please bring your passport!).


3-21-11, Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 110-0005 Telephone: 03-3836-4141
Business hours: 10:20 - 20:00 Open throughout the year (Saturday and Sunday : 10:00-19:30)

4F Women’s clubs and other goods, clubs for juniors, competition prize gifts, and fitting studio equipped with measuring instruments (for women only)
Clubs: popular clubs (Japan-made / imported), club sets for beginners
Caddie bags, Boston bags, shoe bags, club cases, and other accessories.
Variety of club sets for beginners, which count more than 30 types, are available. Also more than 400 pairs of shoes, 130 caddie bags, gloves and balls are always in stock.
Our selection of junior clubs is the largest in Japan. The exclusive corner for trophies, cups, and other competition prize gifts is provided. We have variety of try-out clubs in the fitting studio. Please feel free to drop by and try some excellent clubs.
3F Men’s and women’s golf clothing: clothes, pants, rain gears, caps, sun visors, belts, socks, inner wears, and other accessories
Brands in stock: TOURSTAGE, PARADISO, YONEX, Mizuno, SRIXON, 23-ku, adabat, adidas, Nike, OAKLEY, le coq sportif, Under Armour, Calvin Klein, Munsingwear, FILA, PUMA, Admiral GOLF, VIVA HEART replie
2F Men’s golf clubs and wedges
Mizuno Fitting Studio

Clubs of Japanese name-brands: Dunlop, Mizuno, maruman, KATANA, YONEX, BRIDGESTONE, PRGR, YAMAHA, ONOFF, G-Ⅲ, FOURTEEN, S-YARD, Honma, Ryoma, RomaRo, Royal Collection, KAMUI, EON SPORTS, ENA, AKIRA-PRODUCTS, Kasco, etc.
Imported clubs: Titleist, TaylorMade, PING, Nike, Titleist Vokey Wedge, Cleveland, FOURTEEN
The fitting and try-out room is equipped with measuring instruments, where you can try variety of clubs thoroughly. Mizuno Performance Fitting is offered every Tuesday and Thursday: an expert from Mizuno offers fitting services for free. Try-out events and club-fitting events by makers are held occasionally.

Men's clubs & accessories
Event corner

Men’s clubs: rare products available only at the Callaway Premium Shop, special corner for BRIDGESTONE, and other popular name-brands
Clubs for special prices, club sets for beginners, New balls & lost balls, gloves, practice machines, grips, tees, markers, care goods, club cases, pouches, head covers, GPS navigation systems, golf wears for special prices, rain gears are always in stock.
We offer grip exchange services with no processing charge for customers who purchased grips at our shop. Events such as ball customizing & personalizing (putting your name/logo on balls) are held periodically.

B1F Clubs for lefties, putters, Men’s golf shoes, bags, and other accessories
Used goods corner (buy-out/trade-in)

Clubs for lefties: PING, Taylormade, Titleist, DUNLOP, BRIDGESTONE, Mizuno, maruman, Callaway
Putters: Japanese/imported name-brands, ODYSSEY, Scotty Cameron, TaylorMade, PING, Piretti, etc. More than 100 types & 500 putters are always available. You can try variety of putters at the spacious try-out corner.
Men’s golf shoes: FootJoy, adidas, Nike, PUMA, Mizuno, BRIDGESTONE, DUNLOP, Asics, etc. More than 120 types & 800 pairs of shoes are in stock at any time.
Free shoe fitting service using the foot shape measurement instrument is available.
More than 30 types & 200 units of caddie bags are always in stock. We also have Boston bags.
Special corners for Oakley sunglasses and OGIO GOLF BAG
Please sell us or trade-in golf clubs that are no longer used. We buy them for good prices.

KOTOBUKI GOLF - Birdie(Permanently closing)

4-1-10, Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 110-0005 Telephone: 03-3833-9102
Business hours: 10:20-20:00 Open throughout the year

6F Try-out and fitting studio
: PING fitting studio (nFLight Fitting System)
: Bridgestone Science Eye

Women's club & goods
Clubs, caddie bags, Boston bags, shoe bags, club cases, shoes, gloves, balls and accessories
Plenty of goods are always in stock: 20 types of the half sets for beginners, 80 types of shoes, and 50 types of caddy bags.


Men's and women's golf clothing
Golf wear, caps, sun visors, socks, belts, rain gear, inner wear, accessories: TourStage, PARADISO, SRIXON, FIDRA, adidas, Nike, le coq sportif, Callaway, FILA, marie claire, Munsingwear, 23-ku and Under Armour

3F Goods for lefties, men's bags, used goods
Clubs for lefties made in Japan & imported. Caddie bags, Boston bags, club cases, travel cases and lefty gloves.
Lefty clubs are always fully stocked. Also 200 types of caddy bags and 80 types of Boston bags are available.
2F Men's clubs, putters, and wedges
Clubs of Japanese name-brands: Honma, Mizuno, PRGR, maruman, KATANA, BRIDGESTONE, ONOFF, G-Ⅲ, FOURTEEN, ENA, RomaRo, AKIRA-PRODUCTS, Ryoma, kasco, Royal Collection, SRIXON
Putters: PING, ODYSSEY, Scotty Cameron, TaylorMade, etc.
Wedges: FOURTEEN, TourStage, Callaway, Cleveland, PING, Titleist, Nike, TaylorMade, etc
We offer the Mizuno Fitting service every Friday and Saturday. Also the Bridgestone Golfers’ Doc is held once a month.

Men's clubs & accessories
Corner for Dunlop clubs and YAMAHA clubs
Clubs for special prices, clubs for beginner's, practice machines, sunglasses, grips, gloves, balls, tees, markers, GPS navigation systems, pouches, golf magazines, maintenance goods, etc.
Try-out and fitting studio exclusively for Dunlop and YAMAHA
Various try-out clubs are available.
Best buys of golf goods are found only in our shop, a part of Ameyoko: new balls for 980 yen, etc.

B1F Men's clubs & shoes / Shoe bags & head covers
Import brands: TaylorMade, Callaway, PING, Cobra, Titleist, Nike
Shoes: adidas, Mizuno, FootJoy, BRIDGESTONE, DUNLOP, Nike, PUMA, ONOFF, Callaway, ecco, DUCADEL COSMA
Shoe fitting available: all staffs on the B1 floor have the license of the PING official fitter. We also have the foot shape measurement instrument.
130 types of golf shoes are in stock at any time.


6-4-6, Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 110-0005 Telephone: 03-3836-0799
Business hours: 10:20-20:00 Open throughout the year

2F Caddie bags, rain gear for special prices, head covers and others
We have various kinds of caddy bags.
1F Clubs for special prices, used clubs, balls, shoes, accessories
Popular clubs, wedges, putters, balls, gloves, accessories, club cases, shoes for special prices
Special corner for Katana Golf
Experienced staffs will welcome you with a smile. There are plenty of used clubs and clubs offered by bargain prices. Other goods are also available for special prices only in Ameyoko Kitaguchi.